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September 14, 2020by itadmin0

Is your website not showing up on the google search results? Are you driving the right traffic to your website? Where is all your hard work for building SEO strategies going then?

Sounds familiar?

Don’t worry; we have been there too.

Today, in this article, I’ll share some of the reasons why your website is not showing up on the first page of google.

Search Engine Optimization: The Next “Don’t Fool The Bots.” Thing

For all those who don’t know about SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization, you do all small things to your website or web page to make it search-engine friendly.

Let me make it simple for you.

What you see with your eyes is something like this for the bots. (Picture)

Bots don’t speak or read English, but the bunch of codes.

While these small things don’t look so important to us at first, they are worth taking care of while juicing up the power of organic search results.

More organic search = More Savings on Marketing Budget = More Revenue

So once you understood the importance of SEO, here are a few things you should consider while working on your SEO.

Two Q’ueens with an O’ffer for SEO Technique

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Organic

As they say, let’s understand the queens first, one-by-one.


Imagine driving traffic of Pizza fanboys when you have a website all about burgers?

Burp. Burp.

Not only will it make your customers feel full for the day, but it also won’t drive any sales for you. Plus, the customers who hate burgers will automatically want to switch to another site, causing the bounce rate to increase.

It indirectly affects SEO in the wrong way.

Bots don’t like a high bounce rate; you don’t want this.

Driving quality traffic to your website is essential and what’s more important is the quantity.


While you spend most of the marketing budget on the market segment, you don’t want to do it for a small audience.

To gain the most out of your search engine results, focus on balancing quantity and quality.

You don’t want to put SEO efforts for 10s but 1000s and as many as possible customers to get maximum output.

Think this way

If you have a burger shop, you can target a different audience with

“Ten best burgers you can’t get away with,”


“The kid’s favorite burger of them all.”

If you need more help in growing your business organically, check our SEO services here.


Search Engine Optimization is all about Organic traffic, and by now, you must have understood this.

What you don’t know about SEO is that;

It takes months, if not years, to gain organic traffic that can pay itself for the efforts you’ve put in.

However, that’s not the case for everyone.


No one knows how Google Algorithm works, but all we can do is put the efforts in the right place.

So be patient while your efforts for SEO are reaching to Google.

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